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Flash Fiction

Irony and Humor

This piece of flash fiction was published in Conceit magazine in 2010. Unfortunately, they do not have a website with a link and so I have posted it here for you.


Irony and Humor


Irony and Humor interacted. There had never been anything else that either could recall other than their individual state followed by their interaction. Their constant cycle was of infinite amusement to both and they could imagine nothing better; in fact, nothing at all; that they should think to do with themselves. When they interacted, the result was ecstatic Sublimity and resumption of Attitude.

Being as there was nothing except Irony and Humor, and they being Attitudes, there was no need for else in Existence. Irony and Humor interacted and then resumed Attitude. Things being as they were obviously meant that things were and had always been thus. There was nothing that either could remember except the joy of interaction and resumption of status quo ante. Endlessly.

Neither knew how they had come to be. Neither could imagine what else may have preceded them since it was evident that they were all that had ever been.  Tracing back to the first interaction, there was nothing but they two. Only Attitudes. Then Sublimity. Then Attitudes again, followed by Sublimity. What had set them interacting was a mystery. And Mystery they labeled their Father, as only Mystery lay before them in precedence and awareness.

It was while pondering Mystery that one Attitude; some claim Irony, others Humor; missed interacting fully. We will probably never know which one missed but from this loss of perfect interaction resulted Imbalance and an imperfect resumption of status quo ante: there was residual. This residual lay there but a moment, but then moments were born. It was but a tiny piece, but then substance followed. Space and Time came into existence.

This was new. The Attitudes were worried and curious. This broke with all known experience. In the instant of its occurrence, the instant of observation of what Irony and Humor had wrought, they ceased interaction and resumption. Here is where Time passed and Space expanded.  In alarm, Irony and Humor attempted to interact again, to remedy the error. From this interaction came Cause. And Effect.

Cause and Effect existed within Space and Time, swam through it, drank it in. They could not see Irony nor Humor, who were without. They could see only each other within SpaceTime and they tumbled through It one after the next in sheer ecstasy. Neither could remember a previous moment, nor who may have preceded whom. Theirs became an endless cycle, the one spawning the other over and again. Tumbling over each other from unfolding moment to unfolding moment into the ever expanding Universe; across Space and through Time. An orgiastic freneticism engulfed and enveloped and expanded them until they encompassed all SpaceTime.

Neither could imagine what else there was in Existence since it was evident that they were all that was or had ever been. What had set them in motion was a mystery. They noted the Mystery which lay before them in precedence and awareness and called it their Father.